Best Toys for 6 Month Old

Although all ages and stages of a baby's growth are excellent, six to eight months old only might be among the ideal. Gone will be the marathon feeding sessions along with the apparently endless flow of filthy diapers of the first couple of months. The fog of these ancient newborn times has risen, and in its place is an alert and inquisitive small babe who likes to smile, babble and, first and foremost, play!

Playing with your child is very important at any age, but particularly as your infant transitions out of a small newborn to a somewhat older baby. Playing together isn't just enjoyable but great for building cognitive and physical abilities in addition to psychological and social intelligence.





Skip Hop Baby

Skip Hop

Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug

Fisher-Price Brilliant


Munchkin Mozart Magic


LeapFrog Learn & Groove


Things to Consider:

Age Range:

This era of baby is much more active than previously and more curious in their environment. They have more power in their hands and bodies to manipulate toys much better than the prior month. These toys will enhance the abilities of their kid with their many colors, textures, sounds, lighting, phrases, rattles, stuffed animals, and elastic surfaces.

Since you will notice since the weeks go by, the toys make more detailed and more involved. This is imperative to maintain the infant progressing and developing both emotionally and physically.

Educational Value

Infants are actually involved in cause-and-effect at this phase of life. This is due to the fact that the majority of the things they do in life will fall back with this simple principle. As adults, we all do this all day daily without even considering it. An easy rattle provides the baby this notion in a simple form. They shake the toy along with the rattle creates sound. They'll grab on to this fast and wish to give it a try on anything else. Each of those playthings provides them the chance to expand this simple idea.


Everyone these playthings recorded within this fabulous purchasing guide have loads of bold and vibrant colors, interesting textures to feel and texture, images to examine, and soft luxurious bodies to squeeze and snuggle. Many hours will be spent playing these extraordinary toys since the child absorbs the concepts they're intended to teach.

They are going to have pleasure in doing this because they believe it's only playing. As they like, they understand. The six-month-old kid is quite involved with their toys today and ready for virtually anything you buy for them.

Some Ideas:


Contrary to popular belief, YOU would be the baby's favorite toy! Studies indicate that babies are evidenced by different faces, whether found in films, photographs or within real life and certainly will recognize their principal care giver's face as of this era. This can encourage your baby to give attention to one special “feature". Feeling a little absurd? Consider making faces. Your child's eyes will be glued into a own face since she or he analyzes different expressions and so they may even throw in just a tiny giggle or 2!

Now can also be a superb time to get started playing peek a boo together along with your baby. Not only can it be entertaining and fun however you're also teaching your infant that items will disappear and reappear. Additionally, this is a wonderful game to play with if a baby is suffering from separation stress which often occurs between 4 weeks and per year.

Building Blocks

The top toys for 6 month old infants are tender without the sharp edges, so begin your small one off with cloth or plastic cubes. It is an ability that takes a whole lot of practice, which explains the reason why cubes are such a fantastic alternative at this era. Once they have learned the way to stack them they’ll have good pleasure knocking them, studying about cause and effect.

Soft Toys

Your baby is beginning to understand feelings and emotions. You will find them rising attached to their favorite toys (and occasionally other family items such as tubes of toothpaste or brightly colored dinner plate). They will use them for relaxation: largely snuggling before falling asleep.

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