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Slipcovers are a great way to maintain your couch can double as a decorative piece, and shielded. If you're paranoid about your couch cloth becoming clawed and ripped up by pets or getting stains, a slipcover is the best way to maintain your couch. In case you've got an older sofa that requires a look that is new, a slipcover will produce the sofa feel like new. Whether you've got a sofa or love seat which you're attempting to pay for, there are loads of slipcover choices.





Maytex Pixel Stretch 2-Piece Sofa


Brenna Collection Basic Strapless

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Sure Fit Stretch Jacquard Damask


Green Living Group Chezmoi Collection

Green Living Group

Chezmoi Collection Soft Micro Suede

Chezmoi Collection

Fabric Options for Slipcovers


Cotton is an excellent pick for seat and couch slipcovers since it is a mild, natural fabric and is machine washable. Cotton slipcovers are soft to touch and also include people like cotton, and a feel to space since it is quite durable and breathes. The cloth may be fabric when stretched on your sofa, so if you would like to pay a part of furniture using a cotton slipcover be cautious; the shade may show through.


Twill describes some weaving that generates fabric with another pattern. Therefore twill slipcovers can be made of several substances, generally 100 percent cotton or a polyester-cotton mix. Twill makes upholstery and couch and seat slipcovers for many reasons. If it has thread counts, Twill may be the cloth that is milder, but it is quite durable due to its weave.


Suede describes lean leather with a napped finish, but the expression can refer to new cloths using a comparable brushed or napped end, giving them a soft, velvety texture. Slipcovers are made from faux suede blends or 100 percent polyester. Suede slipcovers resist water damage and stains, which makes them excellent for furniture that has to have the ability to withstand plenty of wear and tear while introducing a look.

5 Best Slipcovers Reviews:

1. Maytex Pixel Stretch 2-Piece Sofa Slipcover

This patented slipcover is an excellent alternative if you would like to bring some color to your living space and provide your old sofa a fresh and new appearance. This item will match T-cushions too, though it's a slipcover. You don't need to think about cleaning up it; when washing it, use only water, don't bleach, tumble dry low. It is possible for it to need after washing, ironing. You can find clients who urge to scrub the slipcovers.

This two-piece slipcover couch feels tender to the touch, and your pets may enjoy it a whole lot, without destroying it. After purchasing this slipcover, you'll be just five minutes; that it's to place on it! If you're in need of a concept that is a gift, remember that this item comes!

2. Brenna Collection Basic Strapless Slipcover

Using a daring design available in four colors, this slipcover can create your couch the accent piece in any room in your home. This polyester slipcover can help protect your furniture as it's machine washable and stain resistant. The slipcover will fit sofas around 90 inches wide and is 1 bit. The base is elasticized, therefore it will not slide around, and you won't need to think about any straps to keep it stable. Select chocolate or charcoal if you're trying to find a color. Possibly the burgundy or blue color would do the job superbly if you would like to create a statement with your couch. The slipcover is available in seat sizes and love chair.

3. Sure Fit Stretch Jacquard Damask 2-Piece

If you would like a more elegant appearing slipcover, this slipcover includes a soft damask pattern which will elevate the appearance of any couch. The cover consists of two pieces and can be created with 94% polyester and 6 % spandex, so it is stretchy enough to fit any furniture over. Additionally, there are elastic bottoms on every seam and bit details which produce your couch seem like it had been reupholstered. The pillow cover has a zipper, so it is quite simple to remove and toss it. The slipcover is intended to match square or square box cushions and will match a couch anyplace between 74 inches and 96 inches wide, and 26 inches to 30 inches in height. The damask pattern is mild enough that space won't be overwhelmed by it, but it adds some layout feel which will look good in a master bedroom or a living room. Colours available in blue and gray.

4. Green Living Group Chezmoi Collection Soft Micro Suede Couch

If you would like to acquire an elegant appearance for your couch with hardly any cash, this is the very best slipcover for you. Imported this couch slipcover comes with an elastic ring under the blouse. This can allow you to mend it better for your couch; without any worries, it fits most standard sized sofas. Your relaxation will be contributed to by the microsuede. This couch slipcover has been valued as it is not just of excellent quality, but very affordable since it washes on your system. This item can produce a significant surprise because it can be arranged gift and includes directions.

5. Chezmoi Collection Soft Micro Suede Solid Chocolate Brown Couch/sofa

This Chezmoi couch slipcover will match most ordinary sofas. Since it's shipped and the cloth is a quality that is great, you'll be happy with the buy price. Its bands beneath the chair cushion can allow you to mend it better to your couch. This couch slipcover will make your life more comfortable since it is machine washable. It includes installation structures; some clients adored it.

Things to Consider:

Buy the right size

Considering that slipcovers are available in many sizes, so it is essential to quantify your furniture before going into the shop. SVP of Product Development in Sure Fit, Margaret Nanni, indicates to take note such as the arms, of the measurement of your seat or couch. Sure Fit along with other slipcovers will match sofas which are a loveseat cover is going to be for a 58 to 73-inch slice probably and there will be a seat slipcover for 32 to 43 inches. As a few sheets have a pleated or ruffled skirt in the base, measure the distance from the ground to the base of your couch. Bottom line: search for a cover designed for the precise dimensions of your furniture, If you're hoping to acquire a fitted appearance.

Choose a Style

Slipcovers have gotten a bad rap from the past as usually gruesome and unstylish parts of cloth thrown around furniture. However, Nanny told me that "the understanding of slipcovers has shifted, they aren't simply functional -- they're trendy. They've come a very long way from the things they were." She informed us, "I like the mindset; it is more relaxing and casual. You would like to place your feet up and unwind." There are lots of options. Covers seem the best on chairs and couches with cushions that are rectangular and arms. However, specialty shapes can be found for different types, for example, wingback chairs or recliners.

Choose a Material

Sloan states "It is the material that defines the design. An upholstery cloth has to be firm and tough." Canvas, cotton duck or a mix will be the best bets. These clothes fit looser and therefore are comfortable to sit on and to invite. Covers offer you a tailored and modern appearance and are created such as even a cotton and spandex mix or a micro-suede from stretcher cloths.

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