Best Single Serve Blender Review and Top Pick

Conventional blenders can be beneficial in the kitchen, but they could also be thick and just too large for the job available. Single function blenders have become famous for producing individual servings of milkshakes, energy drinks, and smoothies. They are lightweight, comfortable, and they do not occupy much space.





Vitamix Professional Series 750


Hamilton Beach Personal

Hamilton Beach

Vitamix S30 Personal Blender


BELLA Rocket Extract PRO Power




5 Best Bullet Blender 





NutriBullet 12-Piece


Nutri Ninja Pro BL450


Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender


Magic Bullet MBR-1701

Magic Bullet

VonShef 1000W UltraBlend


5 Best Single Serve Blender Reviews:

1. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Brushed Stainless Finish

If you would like the most efficient and efficacy blender on the current market, the Vitamix Professional Series 750 kitchen blender would be on the top of the lineup for making the smoothest smoothies ever for the entire property. With design and the motion of the blade, this machine will mush the roughest of vegetables, turning them into a smoothie that is flavorful. It's just so useful and efficient that you simply throw them at the jar don't need to ingredients and come out with the best smoothies.

Not an issue, peanut butter, proceed. Beware while mixing; this problem was fixed in its own 2016 revision, the version of Vitamix is inclined to drop Teflon. When you are purchasing a watch for the manufacturing date.

2. Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender

That the Hamilton Beach 51103 is your item of choice for people searching for an inexpensive single-serve blender. It's unfair to compare products. There is no way a merchandise that is 20 can outperform other products. I am not going to compare. I pitted against the 51103 on the marketplace contrary to other blenders. After much research and comparison, I'm sure of something: go with this one, If you'd like to go to get a cheap blender.

The Hamilton Beach 51103 is a blender using a motor. The 14-ounce blender jar of it is little. But, as long as you of the amount of at smoothie recipe components, you should be OK. The blender jar doubles as a travel cup that is mobile. In this manner, you do not need to move the contents. It is possible to wrap the power cord and set the grinder's jar down onto it to keep the blender.

This storage arrangement is perfect for kitchens and takes little space. The engine has only 175 Watts in its control. You should utilize veggies and fruits to create your smoothies. And you should include a significant number of fluids. You might need to shake and stir the contents of the blender jar to acquire a consistency because this is a blender.

3. Vitamix S30 Personal Blender

I have to state I needed to think twice before adding the Vitamix S30 inside this list. The S30 has a price tag, although I am an enormous fan of Vitamix, as you may know. It is a lot more costly than the other machines on this listing. But... it is an amazing machine. Cost is definitely, although it is arguably the best one from the listing. Additionally, it is not quite as compact as other blenders that are single-serve that is another disadvantage.

The S30 is, in reality, a single blender if you discount the extra container for another. It functions exactly the identical way. The S30 comes which you put upside down on top of the blender, and within minutes you've got yourself a drink that is gorgeous. It performs well, and cleanup is a breeze.

There are just two reasons. You desire the convenience of using a blender that is single-serve along with a blender in a single. And you want quality smoothies. Consequently, when you've got the funds available, the S30 is a fantastic selection. Vitamix supplies a generous guarantee on this version.

4. BELLA Rocket Extract PRO Power Blender

Should you want a private blender with a little more power compared to our first choice, you will need this version from BELLA. The mixer makes mixing actions a breeze and is the most effective among the listing. By salsas, to nut butter and soup nothing is past the reach of the blender. The set comes with a blade that is horizontal and a sword.

The sword is better for grinding and chopping, while the blade works for mixing. You can tackle nuts, spices and java beans using this model. The four included five figurines and cups, and two rings make this set versatile.

To run it adds ingredients screw on the lid, then place the foundation with it, and turn to combine. The one drawback is that it is not silent. You can chalk that up, but the great thing is that because items are blended by it, it will not be noisy for long.

5. BLACK+DECKER FusionBlade Personal Blender

While this second blender does not have quite the identical degree of power or torque that we have seen with different versions, what sets it apart from the pack is that the layout of the blades. Black + Decker have developed a system, meaning that you don't need to create a smoothie in moments. Like the My Combination over, what sets the FusionBlade Blender is the fact which you can pick from four colors.

Consequently, if the design is this system will be able to help you add some personality. So far as ease, the FusionBlade includes two cups with travel lids. This means two batches can be made by you for a buddy along with you, before cleanup everything or you may wait.

How to Choose Best Personal Blenders

Before you buy a personal blender, then there are some things which you will need to appear at. Blenders come to fulfill the requirements of clients. Below are a few of the situations which you need to think about whenever you're currently buying a mixer that is private.


That you don't wish to have an extremely major blender that's tough to work; nevertheless do you desire a little mixer which won't fulfill your wants. As an example, if you are aware that you prepare 6 ounces to go. On the flip side, in case you create smoothies for a family, a grinder will probably be perfect.


Here is another thing which you will need to appear at whenever you're buying a private blender. The engine will determine the rate of the blender. The quicker you will create your smoothies, in case you opt for a blender that gives power output to you. A mixer with a motor can handle components such as nuts and ice and provide the best outcomes.

Ease of Operation

That is a significant thing that's mostly overlooked when purchasing a private blender. A blender ought to be simple to work with. This is likely to make your work every single time that you would like to combine. You will find mixers which will take a good deal of time while others take a push of a button to get initiated, and you're all set to create your smoothies.


Can there be some significant reason that you ought to buy a private blender if it doesn't have blades and strong? The leaves will be the absolute most considerable part a blender. Here is the component that has the capacity of chopping throughout fruits hockey, veggies and ice as well as other things which you need to combine. Without making any lumps about the 14, all must smash.

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