Best Olympic Weight Benches

You spend in body workouts when you invest at the right weight bench. Weight benches are gear that makes it possible to remain in tone and shape your muscles. The quality is durable and adjustable.





Marcy Diamond MD 857 Olympic 


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Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench


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Valor Fitness BF-7 Olympic Bench 

Valor Fitness

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Platinum Fitness Fit Sit Deluxe Folding 

Platinum Fitness

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Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

Body Champ

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5 Best Olympic Weight Benches Reviews:

1. Marcy Diamond MD 857 Olympic Surge Bench

The structure produced from high-quality steel, this Olympic Weight seat from Marcy is unquestionably durable and comes with a flexible design to supply a complete body workout. Back pad and chair are constructed on a slide trail which allows four distinct positions to execute pectoral workouts such as chest press, military press, etc. There's adjustable arm curl bar with padding that is comfortable to allow you to carry out arm exercises with support. The seat includes two weight plates' storage poles in the back for configurations.

Dual-function leg programmer includes a pivot point which correctly aligns with knee joints and also locking mechanism enables you to do abdominal workouts readily. When doing leg exercises, it's contoured rollers with padding. Two pub catches provided at the part doubles as a station that is the reverse.

2. Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench

The fantastic thing about the 5.1 is that the chair may also adapt to two unique places when working the incline -- something which the 3.1 did not have that frustrated quite a few consumers since they had been slipping down when performing incline. This will allow you to get a posture that is better so that you can have a base when doing presses and not is worried about losing your grip.

Having the ability to adjust the chair means that you can get in the best possible place in any way times throughout your workout, ensuring optimum comfort and encourage. You would have a workout if you supported. The seat includes a weight capacity.

3. Valor Fitness BF-7 Olympic Bench with Spotter

Using a very simple design and rugged construction, this Olympic seat has only one goal, which will be to assist you to max out your bench presses. It's made out of 12 gauge steel, and the seat comes with a high density, contoured mat. This gives a not overly soft, and secure cushion, which makes it acceptable for heavier lifts once the shape is of extreme importance to it. The seat comes with an integrated spotter and is 47 inches in length.

4. Platinum Fitness Fit Sit Deluxe Folding Pedal Exerciser

Phoenix presents their version of Power Pro Olympic weight bench that's created of heavy-duty3" of metal frame and uprights for steadiness and endurance. It's a full seat which enables positions of the seat, the decline in addition to inclining to perform exercises. The item comes as well as Preacher curl attachment and the Deluxe Lat tower, and this is a benefit.

From the back part, there's an inbuilt squat rack letting you perform squats readily. It can easily hold weight plates, and spring clips supplied. Additionally, it provides a Leg elevator with Curl Bar attachment. The uprights are at a distance of 42" from every other on interior measurement which is flexible to accommodate Olympic Barbells readily.

5. Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

This Weight Bench by Body Champ has excellent attributes, and as you can tell, it is not an entry level gear since it has everything you'll need. The structure that is flexible and its multi-function permit you to develop your body's muscles. The significance of training your thighs is superlative; it is disappointing to have an enviable body using chicken legs. It lets you carry out the legs' exercise. Durability and body Champ Olympic Leg Developer Weight Bench Top-notch quality are allowed, with its tubing mainframe that is company and high, you'll get gear for the remainder of your life. You will do a sort of investment.

Some weight seat doesn't include security aspects, something crucial once you're training with heavy weights, so it may inducing possible harms. Luckily, this organization is dedicated to the safety by way of a locking security hook and a non-pinch grip.Its comfortableness can prevent you to get blisters along with other difficulties in mind, which can decrease your performance while exercising, and also make you take a few days as well as week to heal them.

Benefits of an Olympic Weight Bench


Apart from being more durable than standard weight seats, Olympic benches have the ability to adapt the heaviest poundage and the most significant lifter. When your weights aren't balanced, the seat doesn't tilt. When doing your exercises, benches are made from steel, don't rust and have sufficient cushion for additional comfort and support.


Olympic weight benches are more flexible than a fitness center because it is possible to select to use a barbell or dumbbells together to get an almost endless assortment of workout choices.


Olympic plates and bars tend to be more precise in their weight dimension than standard pubs. It follows that if you are piling plates, there'll be no discrepancy from the equilibrium of these weights.

Better Workouts

Contrary to a multi gym that compels you to stick to a predetermined path of movement, an Olympic weight seat enables the body to follow a more natural route utilizing free weights to get superior concentrate on the proper muscles for faster growth and to decrease the probability of injury.

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