Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock

You might choose to stop the forward motion of your bike especially if parked. You'll be asked to utilize a chock. Due to the rise in a number of bike chocks on the current market, meager quality goods also have become dominant. As a buyer, you have to take care when creating a purchase choice.





Extreme Max 5001.5010

Extreme Max

Universal Motorcycle


MaxxHaul 70271


Dragway Tools 1500 lb

Dragway Tools

Pit Posse PP2900

Pit Posse

5 Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock Reviews:

1. Extreme Max 5001.5010 Standard

Extreme Max's Motorcycle Wheel Chock is an easy-to-lock chock having a sleek and elegant appearance. Much like most of the best chocks, it mechanically protects front wheel because the wheel has been pushed on it. The durable steel cloth along with matte black coat increases the beauty of the goods. Foreseeing the potential for transporting a bicycle with different other people, this chock was made to occupy minimal space. Despite this efficacy, you're assured of the equilibrium of your bike once hauled up, or saved. Furthermore, it may optionally hold 17" to 21" brakes using its multiple back wheel adjustments.

2. Universal Motorcycle Removable Wheel

This second tip falls into the Universal Motorcycle Wheel Chock. This is just another fantastic design with top quality and functionality for its lasting use. It perfectly holds the wheel up to 6 Inch wide. This is perfect for bicycle loading. One person is sufficient to perform the job. Additionally, many consumers find it quite simple to eliminate the bike from its cradle while the chock is exceptionally flexible.

3. MaxxHaul 70271 Adjustable Motorcycle Wheel Chock

The MaxxHaul is just really a pretty good choice in regards to wheel chocks. It can have a beastly 1-800 lbs of weight, which ought to cover all of the heaviest bicycles. The wheel diameter that this chock can adapt is between five and three inches, which might be a concern for some sports tires or even large cruiser tires. It has got a stylish Powdercoating and also a massive steel structure. I believe that the Maxxhaul looks pretty operational, albeit somewhat tedious.

Additionally, it seems that we now have some difficulties with the plan of this chock, even though it having the ability to imagine the way to screw up these. Apparently, the look allows for an excessive amount of sideways motion, and a deficiency of a ramp may make it almost impossible for single-user functioning once the motorcycle in question is both big and heavy, and that explains the reason why you might desire the Maxxhaul at first location.

4. Dragway Tools 1500 lb Fixed Motorcycle Front

To get a smooth functioning, try out this bike entrance suspension chock for quite reasonable value. Perfect to get storage and also for trailering, executing care. It may likewise be employed using a trailer, or perhaps even a pickup truck plus it satisfies most 16"-21" wheels. In the event you have a sizable Harley-Davidson, this just could match. Made out of top quality steel, that this chock comprises a basic protection knob, four non-metallic rubber ft plus two alterations holes to the high shoe. It's indeed suitable, making it a cinch for one man to load or load a motorbike.

5. Pit Posse PP2900 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

There's not anything much better than the usual single-person loading wheel chock that features a self-locking property. After all, nobody would like to go through all of the hassles of lifting your motorcycle wheel to locate it at a tilted and unsecured position. If you're one of those countless, you've uncovered that the wheel chock for you personally! Push your bicycle on the cradle and you are done! You might even correct the cradle to match almost front bicycle wheel.

Besides, you're able to quickly get rid of the hardware to use the floor for different purposes.

Things to Consider:

Size of the Wheel

If your bicycle has wheel dimensions between 17 and 21 inches, then you can use all of the standard wheel chocks. Otherwise, you will want to locate one that matches the specific size of your brakes.


There are a few wheel chocks that are best utilized at the garage for encouraging the bicycle, while some are used mainly for transporting bikes.

Capacity, and weight

Based upon your requirements, you may want to go to get a bigger or a smaller chock system. The dimensions of this framework must also take into consideration your specific bike, as you likely need a sturdier and broader foundation for a heavy bicycle than to get a lightweight race bicycle. Concerning abilities, many chocks can handle lots that are a lot greater than the burden of most bikes.


You'll come across a lot of chocks that arrive with metal frames and foundation plates. Steel is a great material choice as it's relatively cheap and it's a top strength-to-weight ratio. But unless its stainless steel, it may be vulnerable to rust, so you may need to ensure that the framework is powder-coated or that it's a protective zinc coating for additional durability.


The purchase price of this system may vary a great deal, to determine how much money you are prepared to cover this kind of system. Generally, cheap merchandise has little to provide you personally, but this does not automatically signify that the most expensive version is also the best that you can find.

Generally, a good, dependable product is more costly since is made from superior materials that are created to last. But you ought to go for that item that accompanies some great quality-price ratio, therefore even when you're supposed to pay extra money; at least you can enjoy it for long years.

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