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A Marine VHF Radio is a valuable security tool but is generally underrated by consumers unless there's a crisis looming. The expression VHF means Considerable Frequency, and there are lots of channels and frequencies for specific situations.





BaoFeng BF-F8HP


Uniden MHS75 Handheld


Standard Horizon HX870

Standard Horizon

ICOM IC-M73 01 Icom


ICOM IC-M93D Marine


5 Best Marine Radio Reviews:

1. BaoFeng BF-F8HP (UV-5R 3rd Gen) 8-Watt

The BF-F8HP version is the next generation of this handheld, marine VHF radio made by BaoFeng that includes twice as much electricity, more powerful radio casing, bigger battery, and a better antenna compared to the former generation. Even compared to the more prominent manufacturers, the BaoFeng is still among the most excellent handheld dual band VHF radios offered for your cash. Among the most significant factors when purchasing a VHF Radio that's handheld is that the battery life.

The BF-F8HP includes three power settings and three battery packs which may offer up to 24 hours of battery life. The variety you may anticipate from your BaoFeng is about 25 kilometers while using this particular radio multiple terrains. You may, however, update this VHF marine radio utilizing a functionality aftermarket antenna to raise the functionality.

2. Uniden MHS75 Handheld Submersible 2-Way 5W

This VHF radio may do all of the challenging work and give you the ideal length and transmission battery life. It may remain submerged up to five ft for 30minutes. It keeps the user current with all the latest marine activity.

The LCD is easy to see watch functionality is excellent, as well as the Lithium-Ion battery has been included with this item. You're likely to acquire the radio with NOAA weather stations. It will permit the consumer to understand about any federal emergencies and alarms for severe weather.

It's the choice to select 1/2.5/5-watt transmit powers which finally conserves battery life. Watch operation enables you to track more than one channel. For the state, in time you'll be receiving info from 4 stations once the radio is about quad lookout manner. Memory channel scan allows you to scan the programmed stations automatically.

3. Standard Horizon HX870 Floating 6W Handheld VHF

Would you like a marine radio which resides to your expectations? Using an incorporated 66 station WAAS GPS, this marine can help keep you updated with latest weather upgrades real-time with no to overlook any part of advice; thanks evenly to its built-in 70 station"D" d sc. You, in addition, have a preset key allowing you to save your ten favorite stations with much of this facility.

Utilize its remarkable user-friendly output power for 6 volts, maintaining your device functioning smoothly. Expect you'll savor quick visual of upgrades with this specific particular marine radio, thanks to its oversize full dot matrix display. In the event of demand for information transport, it includes USB data interface too.

4. ICOM IC-M73 01 Icom IC-M73 01 Handheld VHF

The Icom M73 is a fantastic handheld VHF radio which has some excellent features. It's 6 Watts of transmitting energy giving people the maximum communicating range, a handheld provides. It was the greatest waterproof characteristics and was analyzed submersed under water in 4.9 ft for thirty minutes.

The sound output signal is excellent and contains an internal speaker which produces 700 mW output signal. We enjoy this VHF for marine usage. It has all of the attributes we want to view within a sea VHF.

We found the battery life to be quite high. People have reported that using regular use more than a four day period that the battery appeared to have an excess juice.

5. ICOM IC-M93D Marine VHF Handheld Radio

The Icom IC-M93D VHF marine radio is a handheld device using a floating layout. It sports a higher cost compared to our top choice but provides more performance, such as DSC, GPS, and navigation. The IC-M93D comes with an ultra-slim body along with a keyboard.

It fits snugly in your hands or your pocket and is simple to use because of some large 2.3" high visibility LCD along with an intuitive user-friendly interface with applications crucial and straightforward functionality. The handheld, marine radio functions with the USA, global, weather and Canadian stations with alarms.

Having a committed DSC receiver, then you may always be listening to channel 70.

Things to Consider:

Battery Life

The bigger your handheld wireless, the larger the battery it could hold, and the more time its battery life will be. Buoyant, lightweight versions also usually carry smaller cells compared to those that are permitted to sink. At the end of this scope, you could receive seven hours of the fee.

In the higher end you can expect approximately 20 hours. You'll have to consider the significance of battery life along with other vital features like buoyancy.

DSC Function

DSC Role By law, all of fixed mount marine sockets is all needed to possess this attribute. The unique ID is related to a boat, not even a radio. You have to input the nine digit code once you plan your receiver.


A fixed-mount VHF marine radio is still just one that is mounted to a ship and wired to the ship's electric system, usually the helm. Benefits comprise a higher power output and variety than handheld radios, more devoted electricity, and ease-of-use in sea states.

Many choices are offered for antennas (right bracket, swivel mount, ratchet mount, railing mounts, etc.). You may also install second channels and browse with GPS.

Weather Alerts

They utilize support satellites and polar orbiting satellites that will help forecast the weather and monitor storms. If your radio has weather alarms, it is going to track the weather station and also will notify you in an alert indication is routed with the NOAA.

It's a great idea to check your current weather alert channel by adjusting to adapting into it into the appropriate station every Wednesday between 11 am and 1 pm; your regional moment.

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