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GoPro drones are a specialized market of their overall flying drone along with quadcopter category. A GoPro drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which can be operated remotely and provides the capacity to connect a GoPro camera employing a fixed mounting bracket or gimbal into the bottom of its abdomen. The controllable gimbal from the GoPro drones enables the consumer to catch spectacular aerial photos and video footage.





DJI Phantom 2 V2.0


3DR Solo


Ionic Stratus


Parrot Bebop 2


GoPro Karma with


5 Best Drones for Gopro Review:

1. DJI Phantom 2 V2.0

DJI Phantom 2 is just another fantastic excellent GoPro drone. It's certain from the layout this drone is acceptable for aerial cinematography. The drone is just to fly, since you don't need any flying experience before you are able to take advantage of this drone. It's necessary to say this is it is not ideal for airborne acrobatics flight. Due to that, it's fitted with the very best camera for quality images. The quadcopter flies quickly and it appears that many of the consumers aren't aware of the wonderful speed.

This is why it can wreck. If you're aware of the rate, you command it. Regular crashes could be lessened if you learn to control the rate.

2. 3DR Solo Quadcopter

The Solo from 3DR is a good launch, and it's promoted as the world’s first wise drone. It's powered by twin 1 GHz computers also contains some very cool features for shooting aerial movies. Unlike the majority of the other drones with this listing it's designed completely with GoPro in your mind and you'll be able to control the camera using the gimbal. Solo has some very cool features, like orbit, where you could lock your camera onto an item and capture wraparound shots moving at a circular track whilst retaining the camera locked on the goal, and cable camera, where you are able to lock the drone onto a digital cable leaving one to command the camera. Movie tricks which you typically only see on Hollywood movies, now you can easily do yourself along with your drone.

3. Ionic Stratus Drone Quadcopter

In general, this is among the cheapest drones on the market that's versatile, light, and serves many distinct functions as the components and add-ons are all customizable. You've got access to some customizable controller controller, headless style, and 6-axis gyro system in addition to attributes like one-key yield, shock absorption, and cradle ahead.

Considering that the Ionic Stratus is comparatively cheap, you'll get some parts for this which aren't made by the authentic manufacturer, and all these you might choose to steer clear of.

The flight period is approximately ten minutes, and as soon as you set this up with all the GoPro of your own choice, you are going to have some quite smooth sailing really.

4. Parrot Bebop 2 FPV

Their Xplorer G variant doesn't include a dedicated camera, but it will include a 3-axis gimbal that's ideal for your GoPro. It's amazing stability and supplies a great aerial recording experience to its customers. With that said, let us see how great it truly is! The movie and picture smoothness is nothing short of magnificent. You may even observe a real time live preview by simply attaching your smart phone into the control. Aside from that, it's very important to add this little man has handy features like follow me drone attribute, circle about me, hovering, and real time live preview that we mentioned previously.

5. GoPro Karma with HERO6 Black

It is since managed to repair the problems and recuperate from these ancient nightmares. You will adore the GoPro if aesthetics form a part of your purchasing choice. The Karma's own control is amazing and folds down like the quad. It's possible to add the stabilizer into the handheld/wearable Karma clasp if you would like to shoot ultra-smooth video in the floor. This drone has been a gorgeous flyer and its instinctive control adds additional to the encounter. It only requires a few minutes to unpack and take to the heavens.

Things to Consider:


Before we show our selections for the best drone for a GoPro, let us review a few of the qualities and performance factors which you ought to remember prior to making a choice. Not many drones are made equal, and you are going to need to choose which attributes are the most significant for you. The very first thing that you wish to think about is security. The drone that you select has to be hardy enough to encourage and safeguard your GoPro. Additionally, it has to be secure in order to don't need to be concerned about losing it.

Drone Battery Life

The unhappy truth is that any drone will outlast the battery lifetime span of a GoPro. Why? Drones simply consume more energy in contrast to a GoPro. Unless you are ready to shell out up to a drone as you are on a brand new vehicle, you are simply not likely to have a battery which lasts so long as your GoPro.

GoPro Compatibility

Drone technology has come far enough now that we're able to discover drones capable of completely integrating with newer GoPros. It usually means there is a committed gimbal bracket. Usually there is an integrated partial or full camera home. Most harmonious drones can get the video stream from the GoPro and feed that back to your own controller.


Here you need to check two price types. To begin with, you'd take a look at the drone's purchasing cost and finally their upkeep price. Purchase a drone in the high end of present cost if you would like to acquire many years of use from the to get an expert job.

If you're shopping for drones only for amusement or for a recreational hobby, then consider cheap models. The principle is finding a fantastic drone which may carry GoPro inside your budget and one that grants one of the flight encounter anticipated.

Flight Time

Flight time is an essential element to be on the lookout for because the drone should rather remain in the atmosphere for a minimum of 10 minutes. Look out for the more affordable versions; some have exceptionally weak batteries that you are going to need to swap out to get a higher capacity. The flight period is determined by the battery weight and capacity of the drone.

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