Best Computer for Kids

Not long ago, finding the best computer for kids was rather difficult since there were not many items to select from. These days, the choice is a lot bigger, and notebook computers have enjoyed innumerable technological advancements. A number of the most recent laptops for children have the computing power, plus they supply an infinite quantity of amusement.

With all these laptops in the marketplace nowadays, there is no wonder that certain ones are far better for the children than others. In the ideal design, to the finest parental controls, into the lasting, our selections for the best laptops for children will help keep both you and your kid happy.





Acer Chromebook R 11


ASUS G11CD-WS51 Oculus 


Asus Transformer Book T100TA


Goldengulf 7-Inch Computer


ASUS C100PA-DB02 10.1-inch


5 Best Computers for Kids Reviews:

1. Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible, 11.6-Inch

For parents that need a greater degree of control over their child's time on the internet, the Acer Chromebook R 11 convertible is also a superb option. The Acer Chromebook delivers all-day battery life plus a multipurpose 2-in-1 convertible body along with an 11.6-inch touchscreen screen. While its functionality may be more than good enough, it is the parent-friendly attributes that actually stick out.

Upon its initial startup, a parent can make an account since the Chromebook "proprietor" and turn a feature tagged "users that are supervised" Once empowered, parents set another login for children and may have blacklisted sites, stop Google's safe search from being flipped off and catch all of the internet activity that is being used. Furthermore, the "supervised user" can't delete their internet history, which makes it appropriate for parents that may also empower parental management on YouTube videos.

Contrary to Apple and Windows notebooks, Chromebook has restricted program download possible, and that means you are free of worrying about viruses. Intended for fast and effortless access to the World Wide Web, the Acer R 11 represents a parent's greatest hope at full control on exactly what their child does or doesn't conduct online.

2. ASUS G11CD-WS51 Oculus Ready

The Asus G-11 is proof that stepping into PC gaming does not require an excessive budget or perhaps a wealth of calculating know how. This gambling background's price label can be as tempting as its sci-fi-inspired style and design, and its particular Core i-7 chip and GeForce GTX 960 GPU will manage the most recent rich games without breaking a sweat. The hassle-free G-11 is an excellent starter PC for gamers, even though its lack of upgradability restricts its shelf life.

The Asus G-11 is a streamlined desktop PC having an exciting and contemporary design that handles never to be too showy. The computer appears just like a relic in the remote, gaming-obsessed planet, using Mayan-inspired etchings at the front and top panels flanked by shining light emitting diode strips. The G-11's lights pulsate automatically, which makes the background seem like some type of breathing, autonomous monster right from this box.

3. Asus Transformer Book T100TA-C2-EDU

The SSD is a lot quicker than a classic hard disk, which is very good for children. This notebook has a 10.1-inch display and shows the HD resolution. It includes a handy keyboard dock, also for quicker browsing, it utilizes 802.11N Wi-Fi. These attributes are essential for getting multimedia content. On a complete charge, this notebook may be used to get 11 hours, and it includes an integrated webcam.

Though it ships Windows 8.1, it is qualified to be updated to Windows 10. If you'd like your children to have a high notebook personal computer, the Asus Transformer Book is well worth contemplating.

4. Goldengulf 7-Inch Computer Laptop for Children

The Goldengulf 7-Inch notebook is powered by the Android 4.1 program. It's 512MB of RAM, which is very good for running software programs. The Goldengulf 7-Inch notebook pc has 5GB of overall storage capability, and it may hold many photographs, content, and videos. Using a streamlined design, it can be used nearly everywhere and does not need as much distance as bigger computers.

It just weighs 1.6 lbs and contains two built-in speakers. The display has an integrated camera, and this is a fantastic feature for children to get. It may not be as easy as a camera onto a children tablet for selfies, however good for phoning that the grandparents on Whatsapp.

The Goldengulf 7-Inch notebook also includes an integrated mic, Ethernet jack, Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI interface and SD card slot. With such a massive choice of input resources, your children can use the pc to enjoy most kinds of multimedia material. This notebook includes a 1.5GHz processor and contains a 6.98inch TFT screen. Even though the built-in storage isn't simply 4GB, an SD card may be employed to enlarge the storage capacity from 16GB.

5. ASUS C100PA-DB02 10.1-inch Touch Chromebook

In case you are not familiar with the phrase, a Chromebook is a pc which runs on Google's online Chrome OS, made to be utilized with an online link, with the majority of its files and programs present from the cloud. If you're searching for very best Chromebook for children, this may be the sole. This pup can open and edit MS Office documents utilizing free embedded QuickOffice editor or even Google Docs. Alternately, you now have the choice of downloading Microsoft Office Online at no cost.

Among the most significant elements are its flexibility and freedom, as a result of the 10.1-inch HD (1200 x 800) IPS multi-touch display. There are four ways that you may utilize it a laptop, a tablet computer, a rack or even a tent, based upon the area available.

Things to Consider:

Laptop size

Two dimensions parents have to keep in mind would be the burden of the notebook as well as the dimensions. Notebook size denotes the monitor dimensions, measured diagonally across the monitor. Younger kids require a lightweight notebook and may use one having smaller display dimensions; normally, this steps 11 to 13 inches. Older kids can handle marginally heavier notebooks and bigger display sizes.


The chip on the notebook carries the basic directions of the apps working on it. Children' laptops may use a normal Core i3 chip or a different recent chip. Most programs your kids run in their notebooks will not produce huge demands on the chip, so updating the chip is not a smart use of cash. Unless your son or daughter wishes to perform heavy movie editing or graphic layout, the normal chip which accompanies the notebook ought to be OK.


Notebook computers for children will need to deal with exactly the exact same tear and wear as a normal kid's toy. Most kids do not know the fragility of the majority of electronic equipment, or so the unit has to be produced out of purification power.


There are a number of brands which inflate their cost assuming better quality compared to the opponents. This assertion of caliber isn't always correct. Ordinarily, you may find a reasonably priced machine using decent quality at a fantastic price.

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