Best Child Bike Seat

Want to take your child, toddler or infant bicycle riding alongside you? Obviously, the very first thing you're likely to consider is the protection of your kid. However there are additional variables to consider also, such as your child's age and weight, the number of children, along with your personal riding tastes. Note that these child bicycle seats aren't rated in order of preference. Each offers different advantages and is acceptable for a particular age range.





Thule RideAlong Child


Thule Yepp Maxi

Yepp - GMG

WeeRide Kangaroo


Schwinn Child


Peg Perego Orion

Peg Perego

5 Best Child Bike Seat Reviews:

1. Thule RideAlong Child Bike Seat

A few of those rear-mounted child bikes chairs have sprung for relaxation, and a few have a reclining alternative! The reclining alternative can be convenient, since these chairs are extremely comfortable for kids, and they're very likely to drop asleep. Our option for the #1 best child bike seat is your Thule RideAlong, which will be a rear-mounted kid bike seat that attaches to a seat post. It gives all the premium features found on the ideal kid bike seats, and a few extras.

Impressive is that you're able to tilt the seat with one hand, to empower 5 distinct reclining choices for sleepy children! Additionally, it has springs for relaxation, a reversible, washable seat cover, along with a fast release mount. The framework will help to guard your children if you collapse, which is typical of the kind of seat.

2. Thule Yepp Maxi Child Bike Seat

Therefore many vents! For families in climates that are hot, the Thule Jeep Maxi's superior airflow may help alleviate uncomfortably sweaty environments! As the chair is more durable, comfortable, and super simple to wash (no fabric cushions) , the very easy nylon band are difficult to correct and slide down usually. In addition, as is usual with child bike seats, the connectors hold just two height positions such as correcting for cyclists from 1 to 5 years old.If climate controller is an enormous feature for you personally, the Yepp Maxi will really deliver, however also the premium strap system to the Thule ride along is likely to soon be the much greater choice for all families.

3.WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat

For a different front mounted kid bike seat, have a peek at the WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat. This kid seat is centre mounted for a secure ride. This chair gives your child a fantastic view of what's happening. This chair is constructed from sturdy plastic and steel casing that installs on many standard adult bikes. The WeeRide includes a steel service bar, which will not interfere at any bicycle gears or the steering. This bicycle seat is meant for children annually and up to a max of 33 lbs. The front position permits you to communicate with your child simpler.

4. Schwinn Child Carrier

This easily installed version is thought of as the ideal kid bicycle seat for kids aged two and up. Made from polypropylene, this chair is lightweight, meaning that you will not be especially affected by the burden behind you. Unlike many child chairs, this one also includes a cargo rack which means that the match is going to be 100% protected. Located on the back side of the bike, this chair provides a great deal of leg space. Additionally, if you are riding alone, it is possible to detach the chair during the quick-release switch easily.

It is compatible with the majority of bicycles, making it the very best kid bike seat for several parents. Additionally, the straps are comfy and protected, which means your child will not be in any danger of slipping.

5. Peg Perego Orion Front Mount Child Seat

From time to time, the very best bicycle seat is the one which allows you to view your child in any way times -- that means that it needs to be seated at the front. The benefit of such a chair is you could socialize much more straightforward with your small one because they're nearer to you. They'll also receive a better perspective of the road, fulfilling their inquisitive minds. This child bicycle seat consists of thermoforming fabric, which makes it not only comfortable but also watertight. Additionally, it is going to keep heat so that your kid will not be cold -- even when the weather appears to be working.

Things to Consider:

Comfort Level

Some parents believe they have greater balance and control with their kiddo at a front-mounted chair, but some say just the opposite. It is a personal taste, and your son or daughter is going to get an opinion, also!

Child weight limits

Many rear-mounted child bicycle seats promote a “proposed age range," but it is essential to check at the most child weight. One kid could cross out a 40-pound bike seat at 3 and another in the 6.

Child’s Age

Many front-mounted chairs are made for younger riders which range from nine-months to 2 - or three-years-older (or even a weight limitation of approximately 35 lbs ). Rear-mounted chairs are appropriate from nine months to about 45 pounds. Always consult with your chair's specifications to the most precise age and weight requirements.


Many of the pricier rear-mounted chairs recline. This isn't an essential feature, but great to have. For younger children that will likely fall asleep, the reclining chairs also keep their heads out of flopping ahead while they float.

Seat Weight

The burden of rear-mounted kid bike seats varies a long time. You're already carrying quite a lot of weight in the shape of a kid; you do not have to take even more because of some heavy chair.

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