Best Cheap Subwoofers for Cars

If you would like to have more bass, then you need to go larger. There's no way about it. The more significant your speakers, the much higher quality and wealthier sounds they will make. Apparently, the dimensions mean more cash and much more room.

A good deal of audio fans can be restricted to purchasing smaller speakers due to the magnitude of the vehicle or wallet. Be sure you may match the speaker inside your car before buying it. This distance demand also ensures you need to take into account the dimensions of this enclosure and amplifier you're likely to buy too.





Rockford Fosgate P300-12

Rockford Fosgate

Pioneer TS-W3003D4 Champion


BOSS Audio CXX12 1000

BOSS Audio

KICKER 11HS8 8" 150W


Lanzar MAXP154D Max Pro 15-Inch


5 Best Cheap Subwoofers for Cars Reviews:

1. Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch 300 Watt

That is thought to be among the highest subwoofers for the automobile for a couple of reasons -- it is relatively cheap, brings you incredible electricity, and is currently enclosed to aid for ease and setup. Is it 12? , includes an internal 300-watt amplifier, with a built-in 0 to 180-degree phase change, a few flexible bass boost EQ, voltage and thermal security and much more. The vinyl coating provides the protection you want, and there's more or less everything out of bass increase to stage switch -- all which may take you into the best experience while listening to the songs you adore. The inputs are very different, and you can join it to some other program if you want to.

2. Pioneer TS-W3003D4 Champion Series Pro Subwoofer

Here is just another bare 12 inch Single sub, but it is somewhat more expensive than the formerly looked at versions that's precisely why we recorded it afterward. But it has got a little more power. Pioneer electronic equipment is up there concerning rivalry with Kicker, so if you're searching for some stronger 12?

Subs to improve your vehicle, go with them. You receive a good deal of electricity with 2000 Watts summit, a robust 4-layer voice coil and also IMMPP cone. You receive somewhat more power than the Kicker formerly recorded (even more expensive), so if you've got a little more money, you may go for this one.

You receive 4-ohm voice recorders, however, may visit 8 or two if you want. The bass only one cries pretty nicely, but should you catch two of those Pioneer TS-W3003D4 subs you are likely to be put concerning power particularly at this price.

3. BOSS Audio CXX12 1000 Watt

I have a set of those subwoofers installed in my RV, purchased this as a replacement for the older subwoofers. It has been two years I have been using these without a significant difficulty popped up thus far. You have to permit these subs time to split indifferently the sound output could be dreadful.

A neighbor of mine set up this subwoofer to encourage his home entertainment system. Initially, I used it a hideous thought, however, that the sound blew me off. The massive bass audio fills the entire room, something many outlets are not capable of.

4. KICKER 11HS8 8" 150W Hideaway Car Audio

If you would like to save yourself from the trouble of locating a fantastic subwoofer, placing it in the ideal enclosure and then hooking it up into a toaster that is compatible, subsequently Kicker Hideaway compact powered sub is a tremendous selection. At only three inches tall and almost 14 inches, this KICKER's bass combines a 150-watt amplifier along with an 8-inch subwoofer to incorporate thumping bass into some car sound system in the tightest locations like under chair or in storage areas in which you do not usually find conventional subwoofers.

The Kicker Hideaway subwoofer includes different features like a remote bass controller for fine-tuning bass amounts to the fly, adjustable low-pass crossover, varying +6dB bass boost, phase-canceling change for maximum output and two automatic turn-on choices. Additionally, it has high- and - inputs for integration using almost any factory-installed head unit.

5. Lanzar MAXP154D Max Pro 15-Inch 2000-Watt

The Lanzar MAXP154D Max Guru includes dual voice coils which add more punch to own low-end notes and provides you a massive sound that'll impress you. The 2.5 inch The subwoofer contains a hefty double 100 ounce stacked magnets which push the total energy up to 2000 watts. It is placed in a stainless steel basket for increased stability.

The booming noise of the subwoofer could be improved further employing the broad, not one fatiguing rubberized suspension. The custom-made rubber magnet boot and the vented engine structure boosts the noise farther.

Things to Consider:

Power Handling

Additionally, there are several power handling ratings for subwoofers and speakers, so both most significant to notice comprise RMS (Continuous) Power Managing, along with sensitivity. RMS Power Handling informs you precisely what your speaker will handle. Be aware that suppliers used to market customers to the 'Peak' managing because this is a more significant amount compared to RMS. However, Peak is the measure of the speaker can manage in bursts.

Box Size

The subwoofer dimensions depend on the area you need to have fun with. Some automobiles have a place from the boot that is screaming out install, but a few don't. The manners that auto enthusiasts are set up subwoofers to the building of their automobiles is remarkable.

Enclosure Specs

Lots of the criteria we have been talking is relatively standard across all speakers. However, here. Car speakers should think about this since you mounting a speaker or even on a mount the auto. However, a subwoofer ought to have an enclosure. You will find different pens anyplace, or you may also construct your ring to personalize it into the contours of your car or truck, but if you will want to match the specs of your ring as far as possible into the specs of the advised producer enclosure specs.

Enclosure Specification

Next main thing which you need to contemplate is enclosure specification. Subwoofers require a box. You may produce your box of your personal. This table could be set up the seat. Based on the box kind you may hear bass sounds that are distinct. It's advisable to utilize box that was sealed to get the bass frequency. Choose table based on what type of audio you're ready to listen to. When the enclosure is botched, the subwoofer could be futile.


The energy and sensitivity of this subwoofer work with each other to produce a top output. A subwoofer which has a higher degree of sensitivity will need less electricity for its create precisely the same quantity of superior noise for a subwoofer which has a lower density speed.

Frequency Range

The frequency specification along with its scope will provide you a general idea of how weak the subwoofer's volume will be. That said there are various elements which could affect frequency array such how big woofer, just how large or small the box is.

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