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You found the ideal memory foam or latex mattress, and you also realize you might want to take some time and consider the mattress base today. If you're searching for a mattress base, box spring, or stage mattress for the latex, memory or spring foam mattress you may want one that will keep it comfy and help prolong the life span of the bed also. When deciding upon the very best base or platform to get a memory foam or latex mattress, then below are a few things to remember.





Zinus Jayanna 9 Inch


Spinal Solution 8-Inch

Spinal Solution

Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft & Needle

Lifetime sleep products

Lifetime sleep products

Signature Sleep 7-Inch

Signature Sleep

5 Best Box Spring Reviews:

1. Zinus Jayanna 9 Inch High Profile

The Zinus BiFold Box Spring is a superb option if you need one which does not demand construction. The Zinus is sent in a box and everything you need to do is open the box and then slip out the folded box. Unfold it, and you may quickly place your mattress in addition to it. The bi-fold box spring can be well protected within a bubble wrap to guarantee you that the item is secure during transit. The directions which come with the box spring are simple to follow.Additionally, there are pictures which you may use as a benchmark.

Zinus is a superb box spring to get if you reside in a home where moving items around is a struggle. The box spring is packed to make sure that hauling it up a steep and narrow stair will not pose an issue.

2. Spinal Solution 8-Inch Queen Size

Every time a standard box spring only will not do, there is this timeless Brands Hercules heavy-duty metallic box spring. It unites a box-like base with a mattress frame so that you don't need to obtain a structure individually. The very best attribute is its weight capacity. It is intended to hold up to 4,000 lbs of weight so that it can manage your mattress, you, your spouse, your dogs, and your kids, probably. You just unfold the bits and twist wingnuts.

This might not be the most suitable choice for foam mattresses, even however, since its thin metal slats which are widely spaced. You can fix that problem with a sheet of plywood or a Bunkie board for extra support, and also to maintain your warranty with your mattress legitimate.

3. Tuft & Needle Mattress Box

It resembles a traditional box spring however really is a whole lot different. Woven to a gray cloth, this box base works with virtually anything making it lasting. The box springs which come with no cover can damage your mattress since these found box springs have distances to permit sagging. Regardless of what mattress or mattress frame you've selected to your bedroom, then this is the basis of all of them. When it's Double XL, Californian King, Queen, Full, Twin or King, all sorts of sizes are offered for this item, so there's one for each bed and room.

It's comfortable and provides excellent support for your mattress. It's 7 1/4 inches that are ideal for additional height that you need to your mattress.

4. Lifetime sleep products 4" Low Profile Box Spring

Conventional box springs are made from timber, and maybe you enjoy the wood. It is sturdy, classic, and lasts quite a while. Well, you are in luck. Assembly is not hard, but it will take a bit of time. Precisely what exactly do we mean? Some steel box springs almost assemble themselves. This Lifetime Box Spring demands just a bit of elbow grease, however, as soon as you get it all you need to do is throw the cover, and it is ready for your mattress.

5. Signature Sleep 7-Inch Folding Mattress Box Spring

If you would like to acquire a brand new box spring, but you're mindful of your finances, then the Signature Sleep box spring will be the one which you should think about. Their full-size box spring promises to be on par with the more expensive choices. This usually means you could easily transfer it around your residence, even around tight corners and narrow doors. The base of Signature Sleep includes its detachable cover. The 100% polyester cover is created in a stylish wave design. This box spring builds effortlessly without compromising design and endurance. The iron base makes it a reliable support for their mattress.

Things to Consider:

Sturdy Structure

The delicate structure can be not able to guarantee the pillow from sagging or becoming ruined. Thereby, deciding upon the wrong base may result in destroying the pricey bed. It is not a crucial matter if you obtain the steel or wooden box spring; the specific problem is that it has to be healthy and durable enough. The massive duty steel structure is beneficial to offer edge stability.

Easy To Assemble

Maybe it sounds not a smart trait for a base, does not it? The specialists knowledgeable about the matter believe construction is just another significant matter. In case you don't have any gadgets or tools then how can you build? Before picking any base, box spring or perhaps platform bed, make sure it's simple to establish.

Virtually all of the provider nowadays offers items such as this are easy and straightforward building. The Zinus or Straightforward life and many different manufacturers such as these do not take 10 minutes to prepare the whole structure.

Box Spring Coils

In terms of coils, many box springs do not have them. Most include some cable grid, framework, or solid surface. A vendor can encourage a coil box spring predicated on its coil thickness, but that will not help you ascertain the standard of the box spring itself.


Nowadays, box spring substances change a fantastic thing. The framework might be made from steel and other alloys. The simple fact that a mattress frame is constructed from steel does not always make it simpler or stronger, however. A steel frame requires great welds, or an excessive amount of weight can make it bend or break.

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