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You could always tell how hard you strike it on the bicycle by the amount of annoyance in your legs the following day, but using a biking computer, you can know just how hard you're riding.

Your space is measured by straightforward computers, time riding, and pace, whereas high technology computers may connect to a phone for alarms and riding programs like Strava and use a GPS to keep track of your path. In this post you will find 5 best bike computer reviews and some other important things to consider.





Garmin Edge 520


Garmin Edge 520


Lezyne Enhanced Super


Cateye Enduro CC-ED400



Wahoo Fitness

5 Best Bike Computer Reviews:

1. Garmin Edge 520 Bike GPS

The Garmin Edge 520 biking computer comes stacked with features for the serious cyclist. To begin with, you are going to receive GPS to monitor where you are going and where you have been. Additionally, if you have obtained a heart rate monitor or an energy meter, you and these devices can link the pc. The Garmin Edge and your smartphone along with Strava also connect for monitoring, websites sharing, in addition to notifications like telephone calls and texts.

Additionally, it monitors speed, distance, elevation, cadence and reveals maps (however it doesn't have turn-by-turn navigation). It is not a touchscreen, although this apparatus will not possess an abysmal color display. The computers retain chargers by means of a charger that is micro and 15 hours of battery life. The pc is 1.4 x 1.9 inches. It's maximum immersion for less than half an hour, in addition to an evaluation against splashes and rain or snow.

2. Garmin Edge 520 Bike GPS

Garmin has won cyclists' respect with its Edge 520 computer. This item is able to keep track of your trip and also when you are prepared to return coaching, by signaling estimate your restoration. Additionally, it features a lot of information screen sections functions with Strava sections and supplies a metrics option. It is possible to sync it with your smartphone. This is a fantastic computer and based on where you locate it, it can be a bit more affordable than other choices.

3. Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS Cycling Computer

If you're interested in finding a cycling computer with GPS, but do not wish to invest tens of thousands of bucks, elect for the Lezyne Improved Super GPS Cycling Computer. The pc has a dependable and speedy GPS that does not show maps, but will not allow for navigation. Additionally, it uses an accelerometer to switch the GPS when you aren't moving off, which means you are going to conserve battery life.

Additionally, using all the free Lezyne Ally program, you can move data from the phone to the pc (such as via Strava) or you can input an address and the program will produce a couple of route selections for you. It may set to send your own way to notifications. The computer monitors your speed, distance, elevation gain or loss and cadence; it may connect to heart rate monitors and electricity meters.

4. Cateye Enduro CC-ED400 Computer

The Cateye Enduro is just another one of my beloved off-road machines. It costs less than the Strada wireless but contains nearly all the qualities of this Strada (rather than another trip counter, it's a carbon counter. I state"mountain bike" you state"rocky". Most of us recognize that the off-road could be unforgiving, but we can't manage the gizmos everybody urges for resisting the way of life that is off-road.

The majority of us have a stockpile of computers that are broken which lasted 6 or 5 rides prior to their end that is magnificent. The Enduro is a break from the ones. This one is prepared and rocky to have a thrashing. It's also a case that is powerful along with a cord. It is popular among mountain bikers and commuters because of its capabilities that are tough.

5. Wahoo ELEMNT MINI Bike Computer

Assemble in a streamlined, 1.8-inch apparatus; Wahoo's Element Mini supplies an exceptional blend of attributes within a back-to-the-basics bundle. The Mini can operate for even a 12 and a half -- or 300 hours straight. It provides alarms to keep you in the loop when you are riding along with your telephone. Its own Live Track feature enables you to discuss place information with friends, letting riders to locate you when synced using its companion smartphone program.

Additionally, it pairs with Wahoo heart rate monitors, in addition to the Wahoo RPM Speed Sensor and sensors.

Things to Consider:


Does the device include a color display, or can it be black? Screens, which may make them more difficult to see as you're riding, are still used by some devices. Assessing the menu programs could be hard and daunting to find out. To using characteristics I don't use I favor the simplicity of use.

Battery Life

Battery life is another vital element to take into consideration when choosing a bicycle computer. You would like your control. The computer that is perfect will continue to maintain a charge which lasts for rides. Garmin Edge goods, like also the Garmin Edge 25 along with the Garmin Edge 810, are inclined to get the life.

This will likely probably be of concern, In case you go on daily rides and you are going to wish to think about these computers.

Speed Sensor Connections

Motorcycle computers can also be known as speedometers. The reason to get one is to learn your rate, which explains exactly precisely the reason why each computer measures period and rate ridden. They do so by counting the number of times every magnet on the wheel passes a detector on a triangle or the fork. Visit our post, if you are not certain which part is that.

Smartphone Connectivity

Modern bicycle computers comprise seamless connectivity into Android along with iOS. Push alarms are offered by some devices for calls, texts, emails, and even notifications. There is some bicycle computers which allow upload to your riding info.

Data Transfer and Connections

Most information transfer is rather simple and low-tech: Write down it into a practice log. The end of GPS or smartphone though, and can upload or transmit the information. It is important to think about if you would like to maintain a document, although this is not a feature for riders.

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